Pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) are adhesive tapes that do not need exposure to water, solvent or heat to stick to materials such as paper, plastic, glass, wood, cement, and metal. It consists of a pressure-sensitive adhesive coating applied onto the backing material such as paper, plastic film, cloths or metal foil.

Some tapes have liners that can be removed. These liners protect the adhesive until the liner is removed. Some come with layers of adhesives, primers, easy release materials, filaments, printing, etc for different purposes.

PSA tapes are sticky at room temperature when they are dry, and they stick solidly to a variety of surfaces and require only some pressure of a finger or hand to stick to a surface.

The tape is so versatile because it is able to bond two surfaces together without needing heat, solvents or other substances in order to make it sticky. It only needs a little pressure to make it stick fast.

There are many types of PSA tapes on the market that serve different purposes in various settings and industries.

Single-sided PSA tapes allow bonding to a surface or the joining of two materials. While double-sided tape allows two surfaces to be bonded back-to-back.

These tapes are made available specifically for the labelling industry, and includes products like cellophane tape, masking tape, packing labels, and, perhaps the best known, transparent tape.

The Benefits of Using Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) tapes

Clearly Pressure Sensitive Adhesive tapes are versatile universal tools, although we may often overlook their usefulness. Nonetheless, there is much to gain from utilizing adhesive tapes where necessary in our daily life. One of the benefits of adhesive tape is its clear cut and clean application that require no brushes or tools and excessive adhesive to use. Additionally, adhesive tapes are also very affordable as opposed to other products on the market such as special sealants.

Other benefits of PSA tapes are that it can be applied as a die-cut to the exact dimension of the area needed, further minimizing waste. It has a uniform thickness that enables surfaces to be bonded at a standardized level. It is instantaneous, which means no waiting for drying or chemical reaction, this means that you can save a lot of time and effort. As mentioned above, it comes in many different varieties, some of which are tailor-made to very specific applications.

For industry application, the benefit of using PSA tape is that the finished bond is stress-free. All other adhesives create stress in the joint when changing state, which can potentially weaken the bond.

In summary, PSA tapes brings many benefits into our daily lives. Products such as OPP tape, cellophane tape, scotch tape, sticky tape have truly enhanced our lives.