If you’ve ever considered adding a glass staircase to the aesthetic of your home, you may be weighing up the professionals and cons. Glass staircases look great, but are they practical in a family group home? Here’s everything that you’ll require to know about glass staircases.
Glass is one of the better & most versatile home construction and decor materials. It really is believed that the art of glassmaking was learned over 4,000 years ago in Mesopotamia and the Roman Pliny is one of this went on to build up the art even further.

Today you will get glassware in only about every building, kitchen and structure around. The usage of glassware is also favoured for its renewable and eco-friendly qualities. Glass is constructed of sand. It is one of the one products on the globe that takes nothing from earth’s natural resources and leaves nothing extra behind.

jarrods glass staircases are always featured in interior design magazines and for reasonable. They look super stylish, modern and sophisticated. They’re very elegant and can be customised to match the rest of your home’s decor. For instance, if your home is more traditional, you can use a glass balustrade and keep carefully the remaining stairs as these were. If your home is more contemporary, a complete glass staircase can look incredible, making your stairs appear to be they are simply floating.

Glass staircases have a variety of designs. You could experiment with different textures such as transparent, opaque, frosted, textured or smooth. You can also use different colours, such as a light green to help your staircase suit the space.

A great way to help make the almost all of your glass staircase is to combine it with statement lighting. Installing a ceiling chandelier will reflect light from the staircase, whilst floor LED lighting can be installed in the steps to provide them a lovely glow.

Opens up the Space
Glass staircases work very well if your home is open plan, as they open up the area and generate light. You should use them to split up different areas without disrupting the flow of the design. The glass will reflect the light, or allow it to pass through, making the area look bigger. You can also use glass staircases in smaller spaces.

Easy to Clean and Harder to Damage
Glass staircases are not too difficult to clean, and they don’t harbour bugs just as that wooden staircases do. For a quick clean, just grab a mop and some warm water.The staircase won’t be damaged if it comes into contact with moisture, and it won’t rot or be prone to a te