Buying videography for your live event is not only the perfect way to capture important occasions for your small business, but it’s also a great marketing tool to use after your event has passed. Having an archive of quality content of past events allows you to get even more value out of your original investment while magnifying the reach of your audience as time passes.

Uses for video coverage of your event:




In-house marketing

Social media

Send to existing/ future clients

Conferences, conventions, shows; no matter the format of your event, setting it up professionally captured is the most prudent way of earning content accessible to your market.

Creating engaging event videos takes more than just an engaging event. Proper lighting, sound, high-quality video: a lot goes into ensuring your event video looks sharp! Having the right equipment and vision for both production and post-production is vital to capturing your event and intriguing your audience. Increasingly more company organizers and corporate sponsors are buying high quality video coverage of the events. Regardless of how big is the company, there’s always a great deal to be gained through having quality video of your events.

Videography is like photography and other creative pursuits; everyone dabbles in it, but not everyone can it well. If you need to capture high-quality video of your next, a specialist event videographer will probably be worth the investment. Continue reading to find the benefits associated with finding a videographer rather than managing this essential task yourself, and learn what things to look for in an expert event videographer.

What’s event videography?
Event videography is the procedure of recording a live-action event on digital media. Videography is comparable to cinematography (the movie-making process), but it occurs beyond the film production field.

The person who operates the camera is named a videographer. The videographer records footage of the function and edits the final product to make a high-quality, engagement video segment. For social events, such as weddings, the video is shared with the couple and guests. For business or educational events, the video is employed for websites, social media, or online streaming videos.

Do you need a professional videographer for your event?
You may think a meeting team member can capture ‘good-enough’ footage of the function on a smartphone. Or, you feel the event doesn’t merit the price tag on a professional videographer.

But high-quality video documentation of corporate events, galas, speeches, and company parties is a great way to build your brand awareness and get people considering what you do. If you intend to show your videos on YouTube (watched by 73 percent of adults in america) or another social media platform, finding a videographer is crucial. These industry professionals produce polished, in-focus results that are well-framed, accurate representations of the function.

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Examine these key reasons to employ a professional event videographer:
1. Individuals watching your corporate video are studying your business. Present a video shot on someone’s phone and people might think you’re careless about your business. A specialist video demonstrates conscientious output possible clients will notice.

2. The final video quality is way better. If you’re throwing a 25th party for your cousin, you can find away with enlisting friends to fully capture key moments. If you’re planning a wedding for 250 guests or recording a keynote speaker for your company’s YouTube channel, you want professional, high-quality footage.

3. Professional videographers make themselves ‘invisible.’ They may be experts at staying taken care of and recording your event discreetly and without interruption. Without training and experience, the individual capturing event footage may frustrate attendees by obstructing views and disrupting activities.

4. Your livestream will run smoothly. Though anyone can create a livestream nowadays, a videographer can make sure the shot is established properly, and troubleshoot glitches through the event.

5. Sometimes, it’s about the editing. A specialist video tells the storyplot of your event, from start to finish, with clarity and accuracy. Though anyone can capture continual video, an event videographer edits artfully to produce a compelling series of scenes.

6. Videographers can truly add an inspiring soundtrack. You understand choosing the backdrop music for an event. But a good event videography services knows how to include music within a video to elicit an emotional response from the viewer, such as excitement, inspiration, or joy.

7. You’ll have the finished product when it’s needed. Set a deadline with your event videographer, and (barring any unexpected setbacks) they’ll meet it. Despite best intentions, volunteer videographers may take too much time. Putting footage together in post-production is tricky and technical; it needs experience to control quickly.

8. There will be backup. Even the most dependable volunteer videographer can have a tech blunder. A professional will have a particular cloud-based backup system,  so if something happens with their equipment, the footage won’t be lost.