Did you realize that waste can really be sorted into distinct categories? Besides, a few sorts of waste are recyclable while others are definitely not. It may be quite confusing to know which types of waste can be recycled. If you have trouble sorting your waste, here is a guide on how to classify different types of waste.

Solid Waste

Solid trash can be defined as an assortment of things found in your home or business. It can usually be further categorized as follows:


Plastic items such as bags, cups, containers, bottles are not biodegradable. If possible pick out plastic items that are still in good condition to reuse. You should separate plastic from your other waste.


Paper items includes things like documents, paper cups and plates, boxes and more. Paper is easily recyclable. As such, you should separate out your paper items and leave them in a designated spot for recyclable items.


Metal waste can be found almost anywhere on a premise. From construction metal waste to can food. Metal is also a recyclable material that can be made into other useful items. Do take the initiative to sort out metal waste for recycling purposes.

Glass and ceramics

This includes glass bottles or vases that may be cracked. Although it is not advisable to reuse them to drink or keep food in, you can always use glass or ceramic items for gardening or storing stationary.

Organic Waste

Organic waste encompasses all food and garden waste and excrement. Organic waste will usually decompose and can be used in composting. Nonetheless, organic waste should not be left out in the open as it will be unsightly and release odours and bacteria and fungus that may be dangerous to people who are close by. A large amount of organic waste piled together will contribute to the release of methane gas. As such, organic waste should be disposed of properly by professionals.

Fluid Waste

Fluid waste is regularly generated in residential and industrial areas. This waste includes grey water, natural fluids, bath water, soap and cleansers. Fluid can be categorized as manufactured fluid which is a point source waste and natural fluid which is a non-point source waste. Some fluid waste can be harmful to us and the environment. That is why a professional must be called in to deal with fluid waste.

Waste can be grouped into different categories which are all generally found around the house. Ensure that you categorize your rubbish into these various kinds to guarantee appropriate waste disposal. If you are unsure and need assistance to get rid of your waste, do engage a professional waste disposal service Singapore for help. They can surely help with an efficient and safe waste disposal.